Take Me To The Cross

May 14, 2020 | Worship Wednesday | 0 comments

I am currently doing a Bible Study with my small group of women.  It is called Missing Pieces by Jennifer Rothschild.  (It is free on Lifeway right now.) At the end of the video she played this poignant song on the piano.  For those of you don’t know Jennifer is blind which is one of her strengths, not one of her weaknesses.  The lyrics touched my heart and I hope they touch yours too.  One the verses especially stood out:

“I’ll praise you in my pain,
though the mystery remains.”

We are living in the mystery of Covid-19 right now.  There seem to be more questions than answers.  Yet, now is a time to be praising the Lord in the midst of the mystery.  I know for me, the more I praise Him the less the mystery and pain can overwhelm me!


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