Light Rages

Apr 21, 2020 | Poetry | 0 comments

Light rages in the darkness,
a beacon to the oppressed.
Hope’s signal, cast across time.
Darkness defeated!


Healing Thoughts

I’ve heard from many that they feel like a “darkness” has descended upon the world right now.  There is a lot of fear, anxiety, and depression running rampant.  

But what we need to remember is that even the tiniest spark of light can chase away darkness.  I believe right now that Jesus’ light is raging against the darkness.  He is fighting this battle for us and with us!  

His hope is the light in every believer’s heart.  It’s time to let His hope shine.  His Light has already defeated the darkness.  My prayer is that we can all embrace His Light to let the world see His victory over the darkness of Covid-19!


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