Healing Thoughts Library

Sit back, relax, and take a few moments to browse our library.

Welcome to the Healing Thoughts Library.  Please feel free to browse our bookshelves and read any magazine that catches your fancy.  These magazines were created for the All Saints Healing Ministry (The Glennon House) and The Inheritance House.

Make sure to check back because we will be creating new magazines soon.To read a magazine click on the cover.  Then use the right arrow to turn the pages.  You can click in the Table of Contents to navigate through the magazines or continue using the right and left arrows. 

Some of the pictures in the magazine are actually links to YouTube videos.  If you hover over a picture and the hand becomes a pointer click on the picture.  A tab in your browser will open to play the video.  Just close the tab to go back to reading the magazine.

We hope you enjoy reading, watching, and listening to our interactive magazines.  Please note:  The magazines are easier to read on your desktop.  They work on a tablet if you know how to navigate and zoom.

Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

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