About Healing Thoughts

Welcome to our online home where we have conversations about healing.

Healing Thoughts is a Central Florida based Christian newsletter that has been distributed locally, nationally, and globally since 2008.  Over the years, we have been blessed to have wonderful clergy and lay guest writers join us.  Our current writers for Healing Thoughts Online are Kirsten (writer 2008-2020) and Ruth who has been writing the Digger Deeper section since 2015.  

In 2008, when we created Healing Thoughts, our goal was to produce a newsletter that had a conversational tone reminiscent of President Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats.  The whole idea was to have the writings feel like a conversation between two (or more) friends just sitting around talking about what Jesus was doing in their lives. 

We want Healing Thoughts to be easy to understand for Christians and non-Christians alike.  So, we purposefully avoid using “Christianese” and write about topics that are relevant to people today.

By moving Healing Thoughts online we are hoping to stay current with the way in which most readers communicate, read, listen, and watch media.  Being online also offers us the opportunity to provide our readers with a more interactive experience.  We will be able to not only provide them with the writings they are used to, but now we can also expand our offerings through audio and video.

We are looking forward to providing our readers with a variety of different types of writing, audio, and video experiences.  We will be pulling out some of our oldie but goodies.  And we will also be offering many new Healing Thoughts too.  

The best part is that our readers will also be able to join us and other readers in conversations about what God is doing in their lives.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Kirsten Aufhammer

Creative Director

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