A couple of weeks ago, I was heading to the Doctor’s office. I knew that parking on the street in front of the office was always packed. And to be honest, I didn’t feel like taking a hike to get to the front doors.

So, I did what any lazy woman would do. I prayed for a parking spot right in front of the office. As I turned onto the street, I was greeted by the sight of bumper to bumper parked cars. With a sigh, I parked way down the street away from the Doctor’s office.

After hoofing it up the street to get to the entry way, I looked over at the parked cars. Right there, smack dab in front of the entrance, was an empty parking spot!

Ugh! I had prayed for that spot and God had given me that spot. But silly me had not driven up to the entrance in faith that there would be a spot for me! I stood there shaking my head at myself.

Later on that week, I was headed back to the Doctor’s office again. I prayed for an open parking spot in front of the entrance for the second time. I refused to make the same mistake, so I drove right up to the entrance. And sure enough there was an open spot waiting for me!

This whole incident made me start thinking, “How many times do I pray for something and then don’t even make the effort to step out in faith believing that God is answering my prayer?”

I took the time to pray about a parking space, but then didn’t even drive up there believing there would be a space. Thankfully, we have a God who is patient and faithful when we aren’t.

He gave me a second chance to respond in faith to the prayer I prayed. And He answered it for the second time by providing a space when I drove up to it!

Take some time today to thank God for His faithfulness even when we respond with unbelief or doubt.


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